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What are the available Makes & Model of the brake kits you offer?

We have brake kits for almost all vehicles on earth. We work closely with vehicle manufactures and we have the exact drawings / specification for the vehicles. So simply just add to cart, make payment and leave your vehicle make / model / year of manufacture of your vehicle. If you have the chassis number of your vehicle please state as well. Our team will get in touch with you in case the information you gave are unclear or incorrect.

What if the Make / Model of the vehicle I want to order is unavailable?

Our engineering team will contact you and send you a drawing sheet for you to take measurements of certain parts of your vehicle. You will need to dismantle your original brake system for this to happen. We would make sure that the kit fits your vehicle else we will provide you a 100% full refund on the kit we delivered and pay for the shipping of the kit back to us! But this doesn't happen at all in our history of selling over 1000+ brake kits world wide since 2014. We would also give you a rebate of USD150 for helping us add one more unqiue vehicle to our database for our future use.

In future if I changed my ride and i want to port over my brake kit, is it possible?

Yes it is. As long the brake kit is purchased from us. We will be able to sell you another set of brake hub and brake caliper mounting brackets, together with all neccesary mounting on hardwares for your new ride. It will cost USD490 shipped for this complete mounting kit. Please click on to our shop in our website and look for "replacement hubs / brackets". You will be able to purchase them on the website and it will be shipped to you within 5 working days.

What are the warranty terms for the brake kits?

All our kits come with lifetime* limited warranty. So long as there's no major physical damage to the caliper, you can ship back the brake kit to us and we will either service, repair it or send you a new set of calipers, rotors etc.. Do note we will need your original invoice, receipts to process any warranty claims. *Lifetime will be 8 years from date of purchase.

Are all your international shipping registered?

Yes all our international shipping will be either via DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS or EMS. The carriers chosen will be at the discretion of the company. However they will definately be a tracking number for you to track your order throughout the process till it gets to you.

Can i organise a group buy / purchase?

Yes you can. We have done many group purchases till date. Mostly are from a certain car club or group of friends. In order to receive the discounted price on the purchase deemed as a group buy / purchase. The minimum quatity needed would be 6 sets of complete brake kit from us. It can be either brand new or reconditioned kits.
We would also require photos of the kits to be taken when fitted on the vehicle to be sent to us. Group buy / purchases will be entitled to 10 - 20% off retail price depending on the number on quantity(minimum 6 sets).

How can i be a reseller / distributor for your product?

Simply go to our contact us page and submit the following: Company name: Contact Number: Email: Address: Website: If any Number of kits you think you can sell per month: Are you guys familiar with installation of big brake kits?:

Are refurbished brake kits as reliable as new?

Refurbished brake kits are as good as the new ones. We change the pistons / rubber seals and pressure test the brake caliper so that it's working at the optimal level on par with when it's brand new. Brake caliper's performance do not deteriorate after time. It's the vehicle's brake pump, brake fiulds, brake pads and brake rotors that will deteriorate the braking performance of the brake kit. We sell refurbished brake kits with brand new brake pads and brake rotors. So be rest assured that all our refurbished brake kits will perform as good as the news once but at 30-40% off the price of a new set. ALL REFURBISHED KITS COME WITH LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY AS WELL! *lifetime = 8 years

Can i get a custom colour and sticker decal for my brake caliper?

Yes we can do a custom colour for your brake caliper. Be it candy, colour change paint. We can do it as long as you provide us with the colour coat or photo. We will spray a few sample colours taking your colour as reference for you to choose. We use high temp brake caliper paint, primer and lacquer for a long lasting chic look for your calipers. We do custom decal as well. Just send us the design and we will sort it out for you. **Custom colour and decal cost USD250 per pair of caliper.

I can't decide on drilled or slotted rotors?

The performance for both in terms of braking at normal working temperatures are similiar. Drilled rotor has better heat dissipation characteristics compared to slotted however it's slightly noisier when braking. Slotted rotors will wear the brake pad in a better and more uniformed manner and are tougher in construction. Best used on track day events or endurance race. Drilled - Street, Drag, Mild tracking Slotted - Street, Drag, Hard tracking, Endurance race

Is it diffucult to get replacement brake pads and rotors for the brake kits?

Nope, you can purchase from us at a discounted price or anywhere online. Just follow the part number's on the brake pads, rotors and you will be fine.

Why are bracket spacers required on some applications?

In some cases, 0.1mm bracket spacers are required to fune to the brake caliper so that it rest on the dead centre of the brake rotor.

What is the max disc rotor size for my rims?

Choosing Correct Disc Rotor Size For Your Wheels: 16inch rims - Max 305mm 17inch rims - Max 330mm 18inch rims - Max 355mm 19inch rims - Max 380mm 20inch rims - Max 405mm *Please measure your wheels internal diameter for the allowance of the above disc rotors + 30mm for brake caliper. Example: If you want to fit a 405mm rotor you need to have 405 + 30 = 435mm of internal space for the brake kit to fit.